Once upon a time in the not-to-distant past, a melanalien called Nana Opoku began sharing his drawings online. The reception was mixed but was generally positive. Encouraged by this, Nana continued to create and share.

Eventually, this artful experimentation and self expression became a way for Nana to not only play, but to also explore matters pertaining to history and identity. And as Nana delved deeper into these more existential and spiritual realms, his work evolved accordingly, becoming more Afrika-centered, oneness-oriented and quite speculative in the process.

Through this ongoing discovery of self and voice, AFROSCOPE organically emerged.

Today, AFROSCOPE is a channel for Nana to keep sharing his imagination with the world and serves as a tool for collaboration as well. The platform aspires to contribute to relevant discourse around creative work happening on the Afrikan continent while it also invites you to purchase artifacts that make your spaces more meaningful.

Welcome to the AFROSCOPE world.