I’m a speculative visual artist and designer. That means my practice revolves around asking questions and responding to them with expansive imagination.

Most of my inquiry centers on the mystery of life, the mystique, history and knowledge systems of Afrikan people and my lived experience as a Ghanaian.

You can read my full artist statement here and also view my CV here.

/ decolonize imagination /

I find a lot of value in experimentation, adventure and play. This innate curiousity and penchant for discovery led me down several rabbit holes, which include:

- Cofounding House of Stole
- Cofounding Cocoa360
- Partnering with Nubuke Foundation
- Cocreating with Small Hype
- Designing for AI 4 Afrika
- Working with Africa By Design
- DAO forming with Cyberbaat
- Curating + creating for Artano

/ breathe deeply /

For more insight into my practice, read my full artist statement here.

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