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Chakras represent energy centers in the subtle body - not the physical body - through which energy flows.

This sculpture attempts to capture the essence of the heart chakra (or Anahata in Sanskrit), which represents one's ability/right to love, forgive, have compassion & self-control; total acceptance of oneself.

It's about 22 inches tall.

Lung Sculpture
The throat chakra (Visuddha in Sanskrit), symbolizes truthful expression.

The sculpture is about 28 inches tall.


'Patamorphs are sculptures of emergent forms, which symbolically capture the process of transformation, described by their virtuality & characterized by the unknown.

In a nutshell, 'patamorphs are a sculptural portrayal of the science of that which is superinduced upon metamorphosis.

Only four out of an infinite number of 'patamorphs in existence are depicted below.

These sculptures range between 12 & 15 inches in height.

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