The project is accompanied by a manifesto which reads:

This one’s for the dreamers. The mystics. The romantics. Those whose imaginations run wild and free. They are here with us, but they are over there also: Head in the clouds, conjuring up alternate realities, different worlds; a new earth.

You may call them crazy, weird or even a waste of space. You may never understand them or see their point of view. But you cannot deny this: they bring color, a spark, that much-needed fresh perspective. They are living pieces of art—complete bodies of work in and of themselves.

They embody the mystery of life and add flavors that are beyond words. Life feels bland without them and we all go blind without them. For they are the visionaries, imagining new futures, charting new terrain, constantly leading the way.

They walk the untrodden paths, not afraid to lose themselves, to lose their minds. They are infinite possibility. The catalysts of change. They sacrifice their sanity for humanity. For beauty. For a new earth. This is their calling, heavy as it may be: To dream into existence that which we never ere could see.