calling us cults cannot cull claws from our skulls
y’all lack in the skill to kill our divine will
arm in arm we are armed to undo charms of harm
in solidarity reversing toxicities of polarity
the apathy disguised as empathy usurping our legacy

when the seeds sown become bushes overgrown
with persistent cancer prancing as the only answer
what more can you expect except subjects that object,
when all you do is dissect each sect with mindless intellect?
nothing less, to be honest

ferociously flinging fearless feline fists forward
forcefully fighting for freedom from further fanaticism
swiftly swiping seeking solace; salvation
arm in arm warmed by the oneness of our swarm
we reclaim what’s ours after eons of war
AFROSCOPE [Nana Isaac Akwasi Opoku]; 2019