In the updated visual direction shown above, the central figure is an ancient otherworldly tree, which symbolizes the power, the mystique and the brutality of the forest.

On and around this main character are markers of the violence it metes out to all that cross its path. The symbols of political power—like the cross, the coins, the animals—which orbit the tree are a reference to gravity of influence forests have had in the creation of order in both reality and in fiction.


By abstracting and personifying the forest in this way, we end up with a recognizable symbol that can be extended and transported across various scenes to highlight different ideas.

The images above are examples of how this symbol can be used as a tool to communicate the central theme of Forest Imaginaries in different scenes.

Lastly, we see the tree come to life as it transitions across a spectrum of psychedelic gradients.

And so although the tree symbolizes death and the violence in this context, it is a living entity with a mystical allure and aura that underscore its power.

Thank you.


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