You ever wonder why
If heaven dey the sky
Guys de fear die
Go chill plus themma guy?

You ever de ask why
If god dey that side
Why people no want die
Lef earth, go dey ein side?

This eh, e be genuine question ade biz
But you go see twitter lips
Coming for me like them pips

Damn; be like ma stroke strike nerve:

“Some of you deɛ blasphemous questions soor you dɛ serve…”
“Hell be what you deserve…”
“How can you ask sɛch a question?”
“You and your descendants need divine intervention!”

They can’t resist:
Proselytizers tying up your wrists
Innocent inquiry becomes anti-krif rhetoric
Now you get the label: anti-christ anarchist

Nothing new here
It’s like falling off your resolutions every new year
Them go demonize you for alternative views
Spew “hey babababa” on you from rickety pews

Shirt fully drenched
In purported holy man stench
The torch of curiosity wey e de want quench
But he then ein spittle all make them tap bench

Aswear agenda dey against true critical thought
But e no be wonna fault:
400 years make we corrupt
Neurons just de rot
Fear of going back turning our brains into salt

Sankofa? Sankofa?
“Daabi! Yɛnkɔ babiara!”
“Sɔfo Moko ara na yɛbetie no daa!”
And so we still de lick wounds
We still de heal wombs under cyclical full moons
Reminiscent of Samsara from the Upanishads
“If you ask these kind of questions, god will punish us!”

Generational trauma make burden
All that damage come lessen
Wonna tolerance for any kind of critical question
So we no de learn lesson
Despite the endless testing
And the western thefting
E just be white god ein blessing
For which we are still wedging
That wait deɛ—walahi—e go be never-ending
AFROSCOPE [Nana Isaac Akwasi Opoku]; 2020