Dem say Ghana be free
The freedom I no de see
Dem lock wɔnna minds den souls
San so swallow the key
Like cocoa from Fernando Po
That be the only way out
We for Tetteh Quarshie that shit
If you know what I’m talking about
We cɔt the puppet strings sef ah,
Where we de go?
Dem whitewash wɔnna minds basaa
With nkontompo
Conf we make we de bleach wɔnna skin
With nkuto mpo
Mental Powerzone so deep
E make we lose wɔnna memory
Make we forget say
the Bible was brought by wɔnna enemy
Spiritual genocide,
Mausoleum of broken dreams
Another sixty years of ‘hey baba baba
So it seems oh so it seems
Cue another sixty years of rapidly
Unraveling at the seams
AFROSCOPE [Nana Isaac Akwasi Opoku]; 2022