who be obi?

you be obi.

Obi are beings that spawn out of the Afroscope multiverse.

They reside within Àshe — meditatively made art which Afroscope began creating in 2014. Àshe centers oneness, spontaneity and Afrikan consciousness.

You can read the obi origin story here.

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i be obi.

‘Obi’ also means ‘someone’ or ‘somebody’ in Twi; a language spoken by the Akan.

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we all be obi.

We are all somebody, right?

Let’s take you, for example: You’ve got your own quirks, compulsions, talents, hopes, dreams and regrets, all of which are unique to you.

Just like you, obi are multidimensional and multilayered beings.

Essentially, each obi is a reflection our own mystery and diversity. They remind us to embrace and celebrate instead of hide our true selves.

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obi = power in diversity.

Obi are here to remind us to create and be... free.

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