November 2023


360° Film
Electric South
Art Installation

“When the last devoted keeper of a dying lagoon recognizes the true level of its desecration, she beseeches the lagoon’s spirit for guidance, and is commanded to perform sacrificial rites to atone for her community's neglect.”

Follow Maku, Sakumono’s last hope.

In this 360° virtual reality film, viewers follow Maku as she:

  • Reminisces about the past when the lagoon was thriving.
  • Meets the lagoon’s spirit, Onu, and receives instructions.
  • Prepares for the ceremony and then participates in it.
  • Performs the ultimate sacrifice to save the lagoon.

Remember the past.

November 2023


360° Film
Virtual Reality


Sakumono is a dramatized 360 documentary which tells the story of how a group of friends decided to revive the Sakumono Lagoon; a rapidly declining wetland in Tema, their beloved hometown.

After the global pandemic slowed the momentum of We Have Decided, a movement they started to address the lagoon’s plight and propose a plan for restoration, the team was compelled to consider new and unusual creative ways to generate sustained interest and engagement around the challenge of saving this vital wetland they cared so deeply about. Their subsequent explorations have included public art installations on the wetland, online crowdsourcing campaigns, an open call to artists and even initiating an annual ceremony of appeasement.

This narrative-driven 360 documentary will immerse the viewer in the team’s collective imagination as they navigate the complexities of environmental activism, community involvement, and the details of the different mechanisms they’ve explored to address the ongoing crisis. Through the lens of VR, viewers will witness the highs and lows of the team's journey, experience the beauty of the Sakumono Lagoon, its unsavory parts and encounter the creative spirit spurring the team on to make a difference.


I was born and raised in Tema where the Sakumono Lagoon is situated. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the lagoon and the magnificent birds that migrate there every year. I’ve always regarded these natural wonders as some of the main things that make this place really special. So when I became aware of the deplorable state of the lagoon which I’ve always held so dear, I felt compelled to do something about it. And that’s exactly what my team and I decided to do.

Furthermore, as an artist who cares deeply about nature, I always look for opportunities to use my work to tell stories about protecting the environment and being better stewards of earth. I’ve volunteered in various community service projects to this end and have also contributed artworks to exhibitions that center on these topics. And through We Have Decided, my team and I have already began an initiative to save the Sakumono Lagoon, which has involved carrying out field tests with scientists, publishing a book about our initiative, and creating an online crowdfunding campaign which was accompanied by a short film we shot and edited.

For my team and I, Sakumono Lagoon’s potential is clear: it could be transformed into a special eco-park with benches and nature trails where people, animals and nature could all coexist together beautifully. Something like this will only happen though if more people cared enough. I do, my team does, and given our passion and our experience telling stories with various new media technologies, we believe we are the right people to tell this story.


who be obi?

you be obi.

Obi are beings that spawn out of the Afroscope multiverse.

They reside within Àshe — meditatively made art which Afroscope began creating in 2014. Àshe centers oneness, spontaneity and Afrikan consciousness.

You can read the obi origin story here.

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i be obi.

‘Obi’ also means ‘someone’ or ‘somebody’ in Twi; a language spoken by the Akan.

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we all be obi.

We are all somebody, right?

Let’s take you, for example: You’ve got your own quirks, compulsions, talents, hopes, dreams and regrets, all of which are unique to you.

Just like you, obi are multidimensional and multilayered beings.

Essentially, each obi is a reflection our own mystery and diversity. They remind us to embrace and celebrate instead of hide our true selves.

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obi = power in diversity.

Obi are here to remind us to create and be... free.

Ready for Obi?

receive your obi here.

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One day Abena and I we were outside talking. She was telling me a story about her time in the navy. It was hard on her. “Really hard,” she said. Talking about it made her anxious. The memories flooded back and she couldn’t take it. So she took out a cigarette. It was tucked in her red Kate Spade bag. But God was watching oh, God was watching.