February 2024




2024 is packed throughout the entire year and even into 2025. This means we need to step up and be more proactive as well.

It’s okay to take short breaks during the work day but sleeping for hours is not acceptable. You’re getting paid salaries and we’re renting this place for thousands of dollars.

So even though this is one of the chillest places you’ll ever get to work at anywhere in Ghana, we expect you to pull your weight and work very hard.

Asking you to use Trello isn’t just for the sake of our organization’s organization: it is also meant to help you be better organized individuals and cultivate a systematic approach to doing work which will be useful for you in future endeavors.


- Woori: March 1—3
- Dakar Biennale: May 15—June 16
        - Abidjan: August 2024
        - 154 Marrakesh: February 2025
        - NFT Paris: February 2025
        - Cameroon: 2025
- Sakumo Lagoon: July 25
- London: October 1—4


I/ Incorporate Trello into your daily work process (Both)
II/ Always be working on something; if you’re not sure what to do, ask me. You cannot sit around as if there’s no work (Both, mostly Caleb)
III/ Provide a rough estimate of how many calabashes make a large flower (Caleb)
IV/ Put the costs of the welding of the flower stalks on Trello (Caleb)
V/ If we are to set up a workshop that will have a welding section and a basic woodworking section as well, can you provide an estimate of what it would cost? Consider the tools we’ll need, their prices, and possibly what it would take to construct a workshed as well. You can provide sketches of what you imagine or references to worksheds on Pinterest (Both)
VI/ Get Yoofi to show you where the screenprint folks are and let him introduce you to them (Fred)
VII/ We need to clear the back room. The discarded cardboard boxes need to go. Instead of throwing them away, can they be used to create those Mark Bradford type textures? (Both, but mostly Fred)
VIII/ Identify a few figures for the Lawrence type portraits (Fred) and get them color-coded, projected and painted (Caleb)