In December 2021, I minted the series on the Ethereum blockchain. You can view the full collection here on Foundation. Since minting, pieces from the collection have been featured widely in exhibitions across the world. For example:

The collection featured in the Efie: Museum As Home exhibition which took place at Museum Ostwall in Dortmund, Germany from December 2021 to March 2022. For that exhibition, the audience got to experience the series in virtual reality via headsets that were placed in a plant-covered Fufuzela installation, which was analogous to a spacecraft formed with Earth’s living organisms. Coincidentally, the digital experience I created there happened to be the first virtual reality experience in the museum’s history which featured crypto art.

Following the Dortmund show, pieces from Spiritual Migration series have gone on to be featured in other exhibitions including the Venice Biennale (2022), Art Dubai (2022) and others.