After listening to the pre-release versions of the tape a few times, I recognized something: the core of what Paapa sought to communicate revolved around the universal emotions—love, pain, joy, grief etc.—seen through the lens of his lived experience. I felt that it was important for the visuals to capture this truth, and so I took it into account during my visual explorations. Ultimately I proposed a visual direction that centered on ethereality, light and the universe (outer-space) as the core raw materials with which I’d craft the Versa Villa identity.

As I alluded to before, Versa Villa epitomized the rebirth of Paapa as Paapa Versa, signifying a new start—a big bang of sorts—and a fresh approach. In my opinion, few things capture this sense of newness better than visuals of outer-space; imagery which we tend to associate with the beginning of the world as we know it. Plus, since this project was quite literally an announcement of Paapa Versa (i.e. Paapa 2.0) to the universe, the approach felt even more apt.