Furthermore, the universality of the human emotions which the project touches on, also fit well with the use of ‘the universe’ as the overarching theme for the project’s visuals. And to really let the power of this theme shine through, I chose to depict Paapa Versa as a ‘light being’ radiating an energy that represents the love, light, healing and transcendence—concepts that lay at the core of the project.

Paapa Versa has always been an enigma and a legend to me since we were in high school. Way back then, he was a member of the famed Skillions rap group which boasted of some of the most lyrically gifted underground rappers to grace the game in Ghana. To have been a member of such an acclaimed group of lyricists as both a rapper and a beat-maker, all while attending one of Ghana’s most rigorous academic institutions as a teenager, it was abundantly clear that Paapa was built different. In Versa Villa, this life-long rigor and peerless skills are put to the fore, as Paapa delivers one of his most remarkable and most impactful bodies of work. It was an honor to contribute to the project and work with Paapa Versa; hopefully this isn’t our last project together.