In many ways, Versa Villa marked a new beginning for Paapa Versa. It was the first tape he was putting out since his rebrand (from Paapa [hMensa] to Paapa Versa), his marriage to his dear wife Molly, and his experimental new shift in how he put out new music. Backing these novel approaches, were countless hours of detailed scrutiny of his own previous work, multi-layered investigations of the ever-evolving music industry and also a clear goal-oriented approach regarding his career and his aspirations. And from the many discussions we had leading up to the project, it was clear to me that Paapa Versa was operating on a new level and wanted this to be evident in all the imagery connected to the Versa Villa project. Yes, it was a new Paapa, but he also wanted both his loyal fans and new ones to still appreciate the good old qualities that have always made his sound and his approach stand out.