What if I’ve lost my way?
And people no longer hear what I've got to say
A bit like Ye—
Gone astray
Beautifully twisted in a dark dismay
Hell of a life in complete disarray

Now lost in a world from which I cannot awaken
Too far down the road not taken
Blinded by the lights of past glory
Deluded into the stupor of “it’s all good; now don’t you worry”

Absent, gone—living a lie
Struggling to put the ego aside
Addicted to feeding the monster inside
A masochist’s fantasy
Self-made pain so gorgeous to the eye

But when I ask myself “why?”
A vacuous silence fills my mind
Everything seems to run away
Abandoning me with myself and I

Compelled to embrace the space within
The compass doth appear
Of course I went off-course
Not knowing you were right here
AFROSCOPE [Nana Isaac Akwasi Opoku]; 2022