Month 1-2: Pre-Production

(Personnel: Director, Producer, Cinematographer/VR Specialist, Production Designer, Scriptwriter, Editor)

1/ Week 1-2: Project Kickoff and Concept Refinement

- Finalize the creative vision and narrative structure.
- Refine the script and storyboard.

2/ Week 3-4: Budget and Funding

- Develop a detailed budget based on the distribution plan.
- Initiate discussions with potential funders and sponsors.

3/ Week 5-6: Location Scouting and Permitting

- Identify key locations for shooting.
- Obtain necessary permits and permissions.


Month 3-5: Production

(Personnel: Director, Producer, Cinematographer/VR Specialist, Drone Pilot, Camera Operator, Sound Recordist, Production Assistant)

4/ Week 1-2: Equipment Setup and Testing

- Acquire and test all equipment, ensuring compatibility.
- Conduct test shoots at the Sakumono Lagoon.

5/ Week 3-6: Principal Photography

- Capture 360 footage, including interviews, public art installations, and environmental activities.
- Document the team's explorations and initiatives.

6/ Week 7-8: Post-Production Planning

- Begin organizing raw footage and data.
- Plan the post-production workflow.


Month 6: Mid-Production Review

(Personnel: Director, Producer, Editor)

7/ Week 1: Initial Edit Review

- Conduct a mid-production review of selected footage and preliminary edits.
- Refine the creative direction based on feedback.

8/ Week 2-4: Additional Shoots

- Identify any gaps in the narrative.
- Conduct additional shoots to fill in missing elements.


Month 7-8: Post-Production

(Personnel: Director, Producer, Editor, Post-Production Specialist)

9/ Week 1-2: Assembly Edit

- Begin assembling the documentary.
- Incorporate visual effects and immersive elements.

10/ Week 3-6: Sound Design and VR Optimization

- Implement sound design and ambient audio.
- Optimize the VR experience for various platforms.

11/ Week 7-8: Feedback and Revisions

- Share a draft with key stakeholders for feedback.
- Revise based on feedback.


Month 9: Distribution and Exhibition Planning

(Personnel: Director, Producer, Marketing Coordinator)

12/ Week 1-2: Marketing Strategy

- Develop a comprehensive marketing and promotion plan.
- Design promotional materials.

13/ Week 3-4: Film Festival Submissions

- Identify suitable film festivals and submit the documentary.
- Plan for attendance at selected festivals.

14/ Week 5-6: Online Distribution Setup

- Coordinate with online platforms for distribution setup.
- Implement paywall and access controls.

15/ Week 7-8: Local Exhibition at Nubuke Foundation

- Coordinate with Nubuke Foundation for a local exhibition.
- Plan opening events and community engagement activities.

16/ Week 9: Premiere and Launch

- Host a premiere event for the documentary.
- Launch the documentary online with coordinated marketing efforts.


Post-Launch: Monitoring and Assessment

(Personnel: Director, Producer, Marketing Coordinator, VR Experience Tester)

Months 10-12: Audience Engagement and Impact Assessment

- Monitor audience engagement through analytics.
- Assess the impact on environmental awareness and support.


Month 12: Post-Project Evaluation

- Conduct a post-project evaluation meeting with the team.
- Capture lessons learned and areas for improvement.