Sakumono is a dramatized 360 documentary which tells the story of how a group of friends decided to revive the Sakumono Lagoon; a rapidly declining wetland in Tema, their beloved hometown.

After the global pandemic slowed the momentum of We Have Decided, a movement they started to address the lagoon’s plight and propose a plan for restoration, the team was compelled to consider new and unusual creative ways to generate sustained interest and engagement around the challenge of saving this vital wetland they cared so deeply about. Their subsequent explorations have included public art installations on the wetland, online crowdsourcing campaigns, an open call to artists and even initiating an annual ceremony of appeasement.

This narrative-driven 360 documentary will immerse the viewer in the team’s collective imagination as they navigate the complexities of environmental activism, community involvement, and the details of the different mechanisms they’ve explored to address the ongoing crisis. Through the lens of VR, viewers will witness the highs and lows of the team's journey, experience the beauty of the Sakumono Lagoon, its unsavory parts and encounter the creative spirit spurring the team on to make a difference.