I'm a speculative artist from Ghana.

A lot of my work responds to my society’s self-destructive colonial programming, by imagining alternate realities and futures where people of African descent simply exist.

I find power and healing in representation, in cultural preservation and in decolonizing imagination. So I straddle these themes in my work and my everyday life.

decolonize imagination

I find a lot of value in experimentation, adventure and play. This innate curiousity and penchant for discovery led me down several rabbit holes, which include:

- Cofounding House of Stole
- Cofounding Cocoa360
- Cocreating with Small Hype
- Designing for AI 4 Afrika
- Working with Africa By Design

What you’re experiencing now is a living portal which will keep evolving. I welcome you to explore its current form in all its depth. 

breathe deeply

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